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A Word From Our HR Manager

Rosa Maravilla, HR Manager at DPS Telecom
Rosa Maravilla
HR Manager at DPS Telecom

At DPS Telecom, our employees are paid to think and solve problems. On our team, you'll be challenged to expand your skill set on daily basis. This is why we crafted the DPS online job application to meet our goal of hiring the best individuals for all our open positions.

This online application is designed to help you learn more about our company and our open positions. We've designed it in such a way that applicants can showcase their skills and qualifications for each position they're interested in order to make a great first impression.

There are two parts of the basic application that I'd like you to pay special attention to. Those sections are "Step 4 of 5: A Closer Look" and "Step 5 of 5: Eligibility Question(s)".

The Closer Look portion of the application tells you more about the job you are applying for and how it fits into the day-to-day operations of DPS. The information on this page will assist you in figuring out whether this position is a good fit for you. After reading the Closer Look page, the final part of the application asks you to answer a few Eligibility Questions.

The eligibility questions are your opportunity tell us why you think you would be a good candidate for the position. Take this opportunity to showcase your skills and experience! Maybe some of the previous questions didn't quite capture everything you wanted to convey - use this space to sell yourself! Remember to put your best foot forward by checking for spelling and grammatical errors. This is very important, because the information you send us will be reviewed by the Human Resources team and your potential manager!

If you're a hardworking, focused professional, we want to learn more about you! And the online application is the way to start!

Best Regards,

Rosa Maravilla, HR Manager at DPS Telecom

Rosa Maravilla
HR Manager