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Engineering Department Description

Engineering jobs at DPS Telecom (Fresno, CA) encompass a wide range of product development and product testing careers. If you have a technical mind and want to see just how far you can go, DPS is the place to start.

Because DPS Telecom is a vertically integrated company, you've got a lot of options within the engineering department. We need motivated PCB CAD (Printed Circuit Board Computer-Aided Drafting) engineers to design new circuit board hardware for new products. We need software engineers to develop the embedded and Windows-Based software that make those products work. We also need metal designers to develop effective and attractive chasses to house the circuit boards. Even after products are designed, we need test engineers to ensure their quality.

PCB CAD designers at DPS are at the forefront of new product design. They work to develop new hardware building blocks and combine them into new products to meet client needs. The fast-paced environment at DPS creates some of the most challenging and most rewarding Fresno jobs available.

Software engineers are equal partners in designing the future. Their software drives products that create real value for DPS clients. If you've got a solid base of programming skills and a strong desire to succeed, a programming job at DPS will take you to the next level very quickly.

If you have some CAD experience, metal design might be the right job for you. At DPS, our metal design has to be just as flexible as hardware and software to support a rapid product development process.

If you're technically minded and good at troubleshooting, an engineering test job is another good option. You'll assist in the product development process by verifying that new products perform according to specifications. This feedback multiplies the effectiveness of your teammates in Engineering. Getting a test job is also a great way to get your foot in the door of the Engineering Department. For someone with the right skills and desire to learn, opportunities are available to transition to a hardware or software engineering position...