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"How To Supercharge Your Career..."

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Supercharge Your Career at DPS...

Easy Steps to Laying a Career Foundation

As a new hire, you want to establish yourself as a reliable, dependable employee. Below are several tactics that will help you start a good foundation for your career.

Here at DPS, we asked our managers which skill and qualities matter most in a new employee. The majority of them said, "How badly the person wants the job and how committed that person is to the job."

As an employer, we speak to many interested candidates who say they can do "the job" and are committed. However, very few of those applicants show their commitment through their actions. At DPS, the employees who rise above and prove their commitment through their actions have what we call a "Put me in, Coach!" mentality.

The "Put Me In Coach!" Attitude...
Mr. Berry, DPS Telecom's CEO, has developed the "Put me in, Coach!" concept throughout the years by observing the traits of successful employees, as well as those who have crashed and burned.

He realized that being successful involves more than "just doing the everyday, 9 to 5 work". You have to go that extra mile. Many employees make the mistake of assuming that coming into work and doing the minimum requirements will lead them to success. In reality, it is up to the employee to take the initiative and show their manager and co-workers that they want to succeed.

As a new hire you will have a list of tasks to complete. Sometimes, you may find that you completed your tasks earlier than expected or with extra capacity. You have to ask questions like, "What can I help with?" Getting involved in multiple projects will help you expand your expertise and make you a more valuable player.

Continue to Produce Consistent Reliable Results...
After you create plans, sign on for the team or begin a project. You have to follow through fearlessly. With each project you successfully complete, you will grow as an employee and expand your expertise. Your manager will recognize the value you bring to the team and will be able to include you in plans for bigger projects.

Taking the initiative and following through on your commitments will prove your initiative and dedication. While these actions are simple, they will certainly take some time and effort. However, it's the consistent execution of these basic actions that will set you apart from the herd.