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What our two newest hires had to say about DPS

Proud DPS
Get the inside scoop on life at DPS...

Ann was recently hired as an administrative assistant, and Jacob was hired as an entry level software programmer. We asked them both a few questions about their new jobs - here's what they had to say"

What do you think about your co-workers?

Jacob: "The people I work with are great. Everyone is very friendly yet very focused on getting the job done. It's great how everyone works as part of the same team."
Ann: "It's amazing how diverse the staff is, everyone gets along and works well together. I enjoy working with such a variety of people, everyone here is incredibly smart. It's quite interesting to have conversations with people from the various departments and see what they each have to say about various things."

What's your favorite part of your job?

Jacob: "As an Engineer I really enjoy seeing the projects I work on get implemented in actual products. There's a sense of accomplishment in seeing my work be useful and needed."
Ann: "I love that every day is different. While I have scheduled tasks I need to do each day, anything and everything may be possible. There is no opportunity to get bored, and every day it seems like I'm figuring out something new, which really allows me to get creative at times."

Overall what do you think about your new jobs so far?

Jacob: "I really like my new job; all of the projects I work on are fast paced and require that I constantly evolve my skill set. I really like this kind of challenging environment."
Ann: "This job is great. You have to be on your toes all the time, and it's never boring. This job is teaching me how to accomplish more than I thought possible."

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