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"How to Improve Your Typing Speed..."

Use these tips to increase your typing speed.

In today's computerized world, it's essential to have an above-average typing speed. Many employers, including DPS Telecom, take an applicant's typing speed into consideration before hiring. Keep in mind that the only real way to improve your typing speed is by practicing. The more you type, the more familiar you will become with the computer keyboard and the position of the keys.

We have created this list of typing tips that you can use to help you improve your typing speed.

When practicing your typing...

  • Learn to type with all 10 fingers. To do this, your fingers must be on the home keys. Your left hand should be on A, S, D and F and your right hand should be on J, K, L and ; Learning to type with all 10 fingers will make you a faster and more efficient typist.
  • Try not to look at the keyboard while typing. Not having to look at every single key can significantly improve your overall speed. This is usually the hardest for most people, but it gets easier over time and is definitely a skill that should be learned.
  • Make sure you maintain good posture while at the computer. Sit in the upright position with both feet flat on the floor.
  • Start practicing by typing the pages of a book, letter, or any other page with lots of text. This will get you ready for typing tests, since most of the, require that you read a passage as you type it.
  • Take advantage of free, online typing tests. Timed typing tests are a great way to get immediate feedback regarding your progress. And there are tons to choose from online. One is: www.typingtest.com.
  • Typing games are a fun way to improve typing speed! You can buy computer software games or play free typing tests online such as www.typeracer.com.