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"Learn What Makes DPS Employees Unique..."

Mark Carberry
Director of Engineering

Get an insider's view of what its takes to be successful at DPS Telecom from our Engineering Manager.

Mark Carberry, Director of Engineering, has been with DPS Telecom for 9 years. Like all other managers at DPS Telecom, Mark started at DPS as an entry-level employee. His hard work and dedication earned him this management position.

Mark was inspired to write "The Defining Characteristics" list after attending marketing and management seminars. Mark says, "I sat down at my computer, at home one night, and developed the list in a matter of a minutes. The ideas were bubbling and it was very obvious what needed to be on the list". In the beginning, the list was specific to the engineering department, and Mark used it to help outline his expectations for his staff. Over the years, it has evolved and is now an all-inclusive list that outlines our company culture.

DPS Telecom employees...
  1. Focus on results that achieve total client satisfaction; they do not mistake effort for success
  2. Have personal goals that are aligned with the goals of their department and company
  3. See themselves as experts in their area
  4. See themselves as role models for their colleagues
  5. Have great attitudes and bring positive energy to their team
  6. Follow through on their commitments
  7. Are "divergent thinkers" who do not hesitate to use multiple channels of information in order to achieve their objectives
  8. Take personal pride in their work
  9. Know what it means to "grow their position" and are committed to that endeavor
  10. Are empowered to improve themselves, their tools, and their processes, within the context of their position
  11. Are quick to welcome, train and assimilate new employees
  12. Are team players, they measure success on the whole, not the parts
  13. Understand the importance of time, they practice "quick and fluent communication"
  14. Set and achieve their goals
  15. "Fail Fast" and learn from their mistakes
  16. Are never satisfied; they realize that a first class company continuously evolves
  17. Respect other departments, personnel, processes, and timelines
  18. Follow direction from their supervisors and managers
  19. Follow DPS Telecom's best practices and procedures
  20. Contribute to the maintenance and tidiness of their department
  21. Are proud to be DPS Employees!