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A Closer Look: Accounting at DPS Telecom

So, you're thinking about applying for the Accountant position at DPS. Congrats on taking the first step! To give you a better understanding of the Accounting Department, and to see if DPS is a good fit for you we have included some basic information about what it's like to work in accounting at DPS Telecom.

"Your communication skills will also play a big role in your success, as you will be working with company executives on a daily basis..."

Working in Accounting at DPS Telecom

An Overview of the DPS Accounting Department
Our accounting staff works diligently to keep expenses down and profitability up, while maintaining excellent financial records along the way. As a member of the accounting team, you will be responsible for managing and analyzing records and reports for DPS Telecom's accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and cash receipts activities. This also includes calculating and reconciling various financial reports, and preparing special reports as requested by members of the executive staff.

As part of the Accounting
Team you'll be responsible
for accounts payable/ receivable,
payroll, and more.

Your skills and any previous accounting experience within the area of accounting will serve you well when working at DPS Telecom. Your communication skills will also play a big role in your success, as you will be working with company executives on a daily basis.

Working with other DPS departments
Part of your responsibilities in this role will include keeping the executive staff updated on the financial status of the company. For example, you'll be asked to prepare spreadsheets and collect other data to present at staff meetings. You'll also run periodic reports for other managers to give them a status of your current projects and tasks.

Being fluent with spreadsheets
is essential to this role!

The Accounting Toolbox
For creating spreadsheets, we ask that you be proficient with using Microsoft Excel. It's also a good idea to be familiar with Microsoft Word. And if you have experience using accounting programs, that's great! You'll also learn how to use the suite of in-house tools used company wide. With these programs, you'll keep track of your accounting contacts, manage your schedule, track purchasing info/ inventory, and much more!

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