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Warning: Don't Waste Your End-of-Year Budget in 2010

Don't Miss Your Last 2010 Monitoring Opportunity

How much has your network expanded in 2010? Has your monitoring kept up with your growth? Do you still need to "backfill" your monitoring? You can install all the sites you want, but your job really isn't done until you protect them with alarm monitoring.

And what about older monitoring gear? Is your legacy system going to last another year?

Perform a complete site audit - and use CapEx budget
Improving your monitoring is a great use of funds at any time, but they simply aren't available for much of the year. At the end of 2010, you have an important opportunity to perform a complete site audit and use CapEx budget to make improvements. Visit your sites and review network trouble spots to identify areas where your monitoring needs improvement.

You've got end-of-year budget. Don't fall into the trap of waiting too long and missing your chance to use it.

End-of-year budget is your best opportunity for upgrading your network monitoring
Most of the time, it can be difficult to get the monitoring coverage you need, because managers often see network monitoring only as a cost center and not the "revenue and service protection tools" they are. Using your year-end budget resources can be your best chance to plug the monitoring gaps that are serious threats to your operations and revenues.

The fourth quarter is also the right time to complete your network monitoring goals. Take a look at your monitoring needs and start planning today for how you can meet them before the end of the year. For example, now is the right time to get network monitoring coverage for all your sites, restock your spares, and even reevaluate your existing sites to determine what your end-of-year monitoring needs are.

Don't wait! Order now to guarantee 2010 delivery
If you need to take delivery in December or earlier, you need to take action fast. Every year around this time, DPS receives a rush of urgent requests for delivery before the end of the year, while budget money is still available. For many of our clients, the need is even more urgent because of budgetary deadlines that fall in early to mid December.

We've got an amazing manufacturing department, and they have historically been able to accommodate these requests, but there are always a lot of logistics, planning, and coordination required to pull it off. Even with our ramped up production capabilities, the end-of-year rush requires us to fill orders on a first-come, first-served basis. To make sure you get your monitoring gear before your deadline, get your order in early. If you've been waiting to tackle a project, now's the time to do it before your 2010 budget money is gone.

Project-based clients should also try to place any upcoming orders early to avoid being affected by the "Christmas rush".

Plan ahead with a Budgetary Quote for your 2010 monitoring needs
As 2010 ends, you have a big chance to get chronically under-funded monitoring included into your 2010 budget. It's not too early to think about 2010. Many companies have already begun the process. The sooner you make your case, the more the budgetary authorities will know you're serious. Now's the time to move your monitoring to where you know it needs to be. Don't let monitoring, and your company's best interest, come up short another year...

Call now to place your Q4 monitoring order
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