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Protocol Surveys

Here are some links regarding Protocol Surveys:

  • The Protocol...
    This e-magazine article raises some startling concerns. See how you can reduce your downtime in the event of a natural disaster.

    Last month it was the blackout. This month it's Hurricane Isabel, which cut off power and disrupted phone service in several southeastern states. Two major disasters in a row is a huge test of the telecom industry's emergency preparedness.

  • President's Letter: $200,000 Research Effort Reveals How YOUR Company Can Thrive Or Perish In Today's Telco Market.
    See what you can do to gain an advantage in the telecommunications industry.

    With the help of a Fortune 500 research firm, we've put together a 90-page orientation titled "The 2002 Telcom Trends and Risks Report."

    The researchers noted 6 trends and 8 major risks facing those responsible for keeping the network running. Additionally, they detailed 11 steps that leading companies have identified to stay successful and keep their networks running.

  • Telecom Psychic Network: It Could Cost YOU Up To $100,000 Per Minute If You Don't Use It.
    Monitor every aspect of your network. See where the problem before it evolves into a major crisis.
  • Past Issues of the Protocol Newsletter
    You'll find case studies, white papers, application diagrams, and walkthrough videos to keep you up to speed. This is a resource you need ‒ because monitoring isn't the only thing you do. Because it's the only thing WE do, we have expertise to share with you. These newsletter articles are our way of doing that in a fast, succinct way.