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MCS11 Protocol Tutorial

When doing your homework on finding the right RTU or master station you may come across different communications protocols. You're likely to see MCS11 protocols being used by other devices. One of the struggles in setting up your network monitoring system is finding a quality master station that is able to support and talk with all of the devices and protocols that exist in your network.

Here are a few features that you'll find in an effective master station.

  • Support for other manufacturer's legacy devices and proprietary protocols. Having a master station that can smoothly connect to other devices you already may have is crucial and cost effective. It saves you time and money by smoothly fitting right into your network.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface (GUI). A complicated and clunky GUI causes confusion, wastes time through unnecessary training, and squanders valuable resources that could be better used on more productive tasks than a needlessly complex GUI. An intuitive and user-friendly GUI gives you all the control you need over your network - without the headache.
  • Support for labeled controls. Being informed is your best ally when fighting a network emergency. Having poor standard alarm descriptions (like "Control Relay 2") doesn't tell you much. Support for labeled controls keeps you in the loop - so you always know what to do next (like "Power Out - Activate Backup Generator).
  • Powerful alert alerts. Your master station should provide your techs with detailed alerts and instructions, in a variety of methods, to ensure they can tackle the network emergency. Find a master station capable of alert methods like alphanumeric pages, cell phone alerts, and e-mail. By having several options for alerts, you're never in the dark about the status of your network.
T/Mon LNX master station
The T/Mon LNX hardware monitors, mediates, and forwards alarm data in over 25 standard and proprietary protocols, including legacy gear no one else can support.

Since you need the best master station, one that gives you the right tools and the right power to effectively control your network, I suggest taking a look at the T/Mon LNX Remote Alarm Monitoring System. It supports over 25 protocols (click here for a complete list of supported devices). Not only will you be getting all of the key features of a master station, the T/Mon LNX Remote Alarm Monitoring System comes with durable design for the best reliability and first class tech support from DPS Telecom.

By using the T/Mon LNX system, you're making a commitment. A commitment to the security, functionality, and stability of your network. You aren't willing to leave the health of your network to chance, you're taking the problem head-on with the best solutions.

Give the experts at DPS Telecom a call (1-800-693-0351) to get your questions and concerns answered or to receive a free return on investment analysis - to show you the specifics on the returns of your investment. Don't hesitate, call or email (sales@dpstele.com) to get started on protecting your network today.