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The Protocol - Jan/Feb 2000

MCI Worldcom, customer premise monitoring

T/Mon Story...

MCI Worldcom is one of DPS Telecom's longstanding customers. Though names often change in the telecommunications industry, partnerships continue to flourish. The partnership between Luis Orozco, of MCI Worldcom, and DPS Telecom Vice President, Eric Storm has gone on for a number of years.

Luis Orozco

Prior to the MCI and Worldcom merger, when MCI Worldcom acquired MFS, DPS designed a unique solution. This allowed multiplexed access to timing-critical alarm information and remote configuration capabilities over a single communication. The solution also entailed mediating the alarm data into a format suitable for its existing alarm management system. The resulting project underwent national deployment and subsequently became an addition to the DPS standard catalog as the TAC (TBOS ASCII Combiner).

"As an old Dantel user, I was very happy to see the improved reliability and flexibility the DPS products provided for my remote alarming requirements," said Luis Orozco, operations manager of MCI Worldcom.

"With the addition of the IAM monitoring unit, we have now added viewing capabilities into our alarm reporting backbone. As our network grows, we will be adding more DPS equipment to keep us in touch with our network elements," Orozco said.

DPS' superb technical support team enhanced our success with MCI Worldcom. "The support provided to us was second to none and most important was Eric Storm's personal involvement and interest in our requirements," said Orozco. Many hours were spent in ensuring that the installation was correct and that DPS Customer support personnel were available whenever needed during that process.

This is a typical example of the way DPS Telecom works with our partners, says Storm, "We like to look at the big picture, and do what it takes to accomplish our primary goal of increasing alarm visibility so our clients, in turn, can better serve their customers."

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