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The Protocol: Sept-Oct 1998

The Protocol Newsletter is a weekly news article that you can read to learn about DPS Telecom's products. Learn more about DPS products from the past by reading one of these articles. For example, you can see how far the RTUs and T/Mons have come and they are still being developed and improved upon. Read more Past Issues Of The Protocol Newsletter.

DPS Telecom Develops New Network Telemetry Processor

A recently completed development program has resulted in a new Network Telemetry Processor (NTP) that replaces a widely deployed device manufacture discontinued by the original manufacturer. "The NTP project is another of our many efforts to meet the needs of a customer who needs to replace an MD'd product," commented Ron Stover, director of new product development. He continued, "Many hundreds of hours at the customer location and in our own development lab have resulted in a product that not only meets, but exceeds customer requirements. The product is now through certification and being deployed in the AT&T network."

New NTP developed by DPS
NTP mediates up to 360 alarm displays (23,040 alarm points).

The NTP is a mediation device used in the Transport Maintenance Platform. It monitors digital radio, high capacity cross-connect, and power plant network elements. It collects and stores alarm and performance information for transmission to a higher level management element.

The base NTP consists of an alarm collector shelf, a discrete alarm shelf, and one serial port shelf.

The Alarm Collector Shelf provides the brain that assembles all alarm data into a single data stream and feeds it to an E2A converter in the discrete alarm shelf. A 3-1/2" disk drive is provided for database management (backup) and downloading firmware upgrades.

The Discrete Alarm Shelf interfaces 192 discrete alarms and 32 control points via plug-in modules.

The Serial Alarm Shelf interfaces 80 TBOS or TABS serial alarm ports to the processor.

Two Auxiliary shelves can be added to the NTP assembly to increase the serial port capacity to 160 or 240 ports.

The NTP assembly reports the gathered alarm data to an E-System network (TNC, OSS, TMAS, NOC, TASC, etc.).

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