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We're a company of engineers - not clueless sales reps.
We're also happy to modify hardware and software to meet your specific needs. That's why there are over 150 variants of some NetGuardian models. Our product lines are ever growing to fit all your custom needs. DPS is a high mix, low volume company that is vertically integrated to create a perfect fit solution.

Tell us what interests you using the form below, and we'll send you pricing and an application diagram. We may contact you to find out what build options we should include. In your business, time is everything. You'd really like to get "just right" monitoring at your sites, but you can't wait for quarters and years for custom development. Our solutions are designed to integrate your current or legacy equipment and build a forward looking platform.

With over 50 years of shared technical experience, we're not your typical sales team. We're experts, and we want you to be successful over the long term.

Our solutions cover a vast array of industry and specifications. The DPS Engineering Team takes a field-proven product and adapts it to meet your protocol, capacity, and form factor needs.

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The DPS Expert Sales Team

If you have got a network monitoring problem, DPS Telecom can help. Using our broad product line, we create perfect-fit solutions for your network. If you still need a better fit, we can engineer a new product made to your specifications - backed by the best client support in the industry. DPS Telecom was founded in 1986 by engineers to meet the needs of engineers and technical managers who implement network alarm management systems in enterprise networks. Our company is built on an engineering philosophy of rapid, customized design of perfect fit solutions built to your exact specifications. At DPS Telecom, we see ourselves as your partner in securing your network. We will never leave you with a monitoring problem unsolved. We will always put your needs first.