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First Since 2009: Upcoming DPS Price Increase

It doesn't happen often, but we do sometimes have to raise prices at DPS. The last increase was way back in 2009. Even with the somewhat modest inflation we've seen in the last 12 years, average US prices are up about 21%.

Very soon, we will be increasing our prices about 5-10%. That's still less than half of the total US inflation since our last price change.

Even though this is a relatively small increase, you can benefit from our historical prices if you request a quote very soon. If you have a project on the horizon, you should contact DPS within the next several days to request a quote. Our standard quotes are valid for 30 days, and we can make reasonable extensions to this validity period if it's helpful for you.

Remember, all DPS purchases automatically include:

  • Tech support staffed exclusively from our California headquarters.
  • Lifetime firmware upgrades for NetGuardians, TempDefenders, and other RTU models.
  • In-house DPS engineering to help you integrate DPS gear into your overall project.

To get a quote today:
  • call us (559-454-1600),
  • email us (sales@dpstele.com),
  • or use our handy website chat (we can be a little robotic sometimes, but the chat line is staffed exclusively by real DPS employees).

DPS clients like you make us who we are. Although we haven't been able to visit you in person very much during this strange time, we look forward to working with you in the decades to come...