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"This Exclusive Newsletter Includes More How-To's and Product Applications"

Eric Storm, President of DPS Telecom
Eric Storm

At DPS, feedback from our clients is key to our success. That applies to our products, our support, and - especially today - our email newsletter.

In our traditional newsletter, The Protocol, we focus on educating our subscribers with feature articles and our amazingly popular white paper series. By providing the information you need to make smart decisions, we show that DPS is built on long-term problem solving and support - not short-sighted sales tricks.

But, when you've already purchased from DPS, you already know the basics of alarm monitoring (and you certainly know about our outstanding client service). That's why this new version of The Protocol was created exclusively for clients who've already deployed DPS gear. We surveyed our user base, and you told us what you want: more how-to guides and product applications. In short, you told us that you want more solutions to your hairiest problems - either through new products or the ones you already own.

To answer this request from our user base, we've added new content that's most applicable to people who've already deployed DPS gear. We've also rearranged this ezine so that the content you're most likely to use is up at the top.

The Protocol Insider, which you'll now receive in place of the traditional ezine, includes exclusive articles and help guides from the technical experts at DPS. Mark, our Engineering Director, will show you new products and applications. Travis from Tech Support will be releasing the newest How-To guides. I'll discuss major corporate initiatives and programs.

We hope you enjoy this new format, and we look forward to any comments you may have about about it.

Until next time,

Eric Storm, President of DPS Telecom

Eric Storm