President's Letter: July 2008

Eric Storm, President of DPS Telecom
Eric Storm

We just concluded our June factory training session, and though we are in start of a Fresno summer, the weather cooperated nicely with us. Our attendees gave us really good rankings on their post-class survey. Please keep in mind that there are ONLY THREE MORE classes scheduled before the end of the year, with the one in October synchronized with our annual Users Group meeting. Plan accordingly, seats are limited!

Lots of good things are happening at DPS Telecom. It's been another record-breaking first half of the year for DPS. From our point of view, this means far more to us than just revenue. Rather, it's a confirmation that we are serving our marketplace properly.

So, what exactly is our marketplace? For starters, it's wherever there is a telecommunications network that needs to be monitored. These days, it's everywhere: telecommunications companies, transportation companies, large businesses, government (all levels), military, energy companies, and international business. In fact, most of our readership knows us from this segment of our business.

While DPS largely provides monitoring solutions direct to its clients, there is, in fact, a completely different segment of our business. In this other segment, we work with Fortune 500 and large telecom equipment manufacturers to provide monitoring solutions that enhance their time-to-market and overall product envelope. These solutions blend in so well with their equipment most of their end users don't know DPS is in the picture.

I'm also very pleased this month to welcome Energy Support Products as our exclusive sales representative for our Southern California region. From our perspective, Energy Support Products is a company whose resume goes far beyond traditional sales representation. Their team has extensive experience in telecom, data-centers, power plants, and HVAC.

As usual, as you read through this issue, you will find another new product offering. This one is "greener" than most...

Best Regards,

Eric Storm, President of DPS Telecom

Eric Storm

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