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President's Letter: September 2007

Eric Storm, President of DPS Telecom
Eric Storm

It's been another exciting month at DPS for several reasons. We set another lifetime sales high for the month of August. We are talking to more new people about their alarm monitoring situations than ever before. We have added a record number of employees to our payroll these last few months (and are still looking). Our new production facility is in the home stretch. Perhaps the most significant item is the announcement of yet another generational product improvement, this time to our flagship alarm remote - the NetGuardian 832A.

DPS is all about the continuous improvement of our large product line. In many cases this takes the form of software & firmware enhancements, but we periodically update our platforms to leverage new technology changes. For example, the NetGuardian 832A G5 represents our 5th generational improvement since its inception. The NetGuardian G5's major hardware overall features a faster processor, more memory resources, faster LAN, all contained in an improved chassis design. Would it have been easier and more cost-efficient to simply keep making what we were making? Yes, we certainly would have saved considerable R&D expense, but then we wouldn't be providing our clients with innovation that they have come to expect from DPS.

Our product successes focus around our abilities, specifically: Flexibility, Scalability, Capability, Interoperability and our Supportability. Our products are designed using many open protocols, so our clients have lots of choices. For example, you can purchase a DPS alarm remote and have it report to a DPS master, or your existing manager. Likewise, our alarm masters, such as the T/Mon Slim featured in this issue of the Protocol, can collect alarms from DPS remotes as well as from a large range of other alarm remotes and network elements. Though our alarms masters and remotes work exceptionally well together, we don't mandate they be used together. Our solutions are designed so they can be deployed in your network as you see fit.

Our large product line addresses small, medium, and large site capacity requirements, so you can always find the perfect remote and alarm master for the job. Many of our remotes can scale via expansion ports, so your monitoring can keep pace with your site growth, without having to rewire what you have already done.

'til next month

Eric Storm, President of DPS Telecom