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New President of DPS Telecom: Co-Founder Eric Storm

Eric Storm, President, DPS Telecom
Eric Storm
DPS Telecom

Eric Storm, a co-founder of DPS Telecom and long-time Executive Vice President of the company, has been promoted to President of DPS Telecom. Storm succeeds Bob Berry, who will now work exclusively as DPS Chief Executive Officer.

DPS's two top executives described the move as a change in focus rather than a change in personnel. Both Berry and Storm will continue to be involved hands-on in the operations of the company they founded together in 1986.

As President, Storm will be in charge of the day-to-day operations from order to installation. As CEO, Berry will focus on long-term strategic goals of new product direction and growing new markets.

"This shift in roles will let Bob and me make the most of each other's skills, at a time when the business is growing and getting more complex," said Storm. "It will enable us to maximize our short-term and long-term results company wide.

Bob Berry, CEO, DPS Telecom
Bob Berry
Chief Executive Officer
DPS Telecom

"Bob has done an amazing job being both President and CEO all these years. But his real strength is long-term planning - he goes to where the market will be before the market gets there. My taking on the day-to-day details will free Bob to work on truly creative innovation that will pay off in accelerating development of next-generation products," said Storm.

"Eric is the most customer-driven, detail-oriented person I've ever known," said Berry. "He knows all of his clients in-depth: their network configurations, their business needs, and what they want to accomplish with their network monitoring. By putting Eric's client-focused vision at the center of DPS's operations, we will massively improve how we serve our clients in every way."

A career in meeting network alarm monitoring needs

DPS's new president comes to the job with a full career's worth of experience working with telecom engineers and technicians to improve network alarm visibility.

Eric Storm, together with Bob Berry and Ron Stover (now DPS Telecom's Product Development Manager), founded DPS Telecom in a Fresno basement workshop in 1986.

Trained in computer science and systems analysis, Storm has played various roles from the trenches to senior management, giving him in-depth experience with every department. Storm has racked up more frequent flyer miles than he can count visiting DPS clients, which has given him in-depth, onsite experience of real-world network monitoring implementations.

Storm has spearheaded the development of new DPS solutions, based on his focus on clients and their individual network monitoring applications. Many popular DPS products - the current models of T/Mon NOC and T/Mon SLIM, the NetGuardian 832A and NetGuardian 216 - began as custom projects to meet clients' specific needs.

The President is always in for you

Storm is quick to assure clients that he'll still be there to work with them one-on-one on new product development, custom engineering, and large-scale deployments. "Anytime you need to talk to me, I'm there. My new title doesn't change that. Everything that DPS has accomplished and will accomplish is because we put clients first, and that will never change," Storm said.

You can register right now for your free live Web demo of T/Mon NOC, T/Mon SLIM and the NetGuardian 832A. There's no obligation to buy - no high-pressure salesman - just useful information on on you can start solving your toughest monitoring problems.