This T/Mon DNP3 software module will monitor your SCADA devices

Now your T/Mon network alarm master can give you even better visibility with the newly released DNP3 software module. Make T/Mon your SCADA master with integrated support for this widely used SCADA protocol.

DNP3 is One of the Most Popular SCADA Protocols
DNP3 is one of the most popular SCADA protocols in use today. DNP3 is open-source, allowing all vendors to develop equipment for use with the protocol. Many utilities, including electric and water companies, use this protocol for monitoring over serial or IP.

T/Mon NOC Chart
Upgrade your SCADA monitoring with a T/Mon NOC and DNP3 software module.

Deploy a T/Mon NOC as Your DNP3 Master
You can make T/Mon NOC your SCADA system master using the new DNP3 software module. This module will allow you to bring your DNP3 alarms into the powerful T/Mon alarm monitoring system. This increases monitoring effectiveness by putting your SCADA and other telecom alarms on one screen. With alarms coming directly into T/Mon, you won't need to hire additional operators or deploy an additional monitoring system to monitor your DNP3 alarms.

The powerful T/Mon NOC can monitor DNP3 and over 25 additional protocols.

T/Mon Can Mediate DNP3 Alarms to SNMP
Once your alarms have been brought into T/Mon, your DNP3 alarms can be mediated to SNMP traps, just like alarms from all of your other devices. Once the alarms have been mediated, T/Mon can email or page your technicians. With the new T/Mon DNP3 software module, you can use the powerful functions of T/Mon NOC for your DNP3 alarms, as well as alarms from over 25 other protocols.

NetGuardian RTUs Allow Gradual DNP3 Transition
If you are using your T/Mon to monitor DNP3 in addition to legacy protocols along your network, the NetGuardian 832A G4 RTU can help you make a cost-effective transition to a more advanced monitoring equipment. The powerful NetGuardian RTU can support a variety of protocols and network architectures with advanced monitoring functions.

By replacing your older DNP3 remotes with the advanced NetGuardian 832A, you can continue to transmit data from your network of devices to your existing T/Mon master while enhancing your monitoring with these advanced applications. Gradual migration using the NetGuardian makes it easy to upgrade to modern remotes over several budget cycles, allowing you to modernize your network without exceeding your annual budget.

DPS Provides Industrial-Strength Reliability for Your SCADA Monitoring
The advanced T/Mon NOC master and NetGuardian remotes provide you with more than the most advanced DNP3 alarm monitoring features. These systems are also engineered to provide you with accurate monitoring in just about any site conditions. With an industrial temperature rating of 32 degrees-140 degrees F (0 degrees -60 degrees C), the NetGuardian 832A will operate continuously in hostile site environments.

Supercharge your DNP3 monitoring and reduce windshield time and other expenses. Deploy a T/Mon monitoring system with the DNP3 software module and gain the visibility you need for your SCADA network. To learn about deploying the DNP3 software module on the powerful T/Mon alarm master visit www.dpstele.com/REDIRECT, or simply visit the T/Mon NOC product page at www.dpstele.com/REDIRECT.

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