New RTU Feature: DNP3 Protocol Now Supported on DPS RTUs

Do you need modern RTUs for your DNP3 system? Many companies (especially Public Utilities) will have the need for a contemporary RTU that's capable of reporting to their DNP3 master. These organizations can now bring alarm monitoring under their SCADA umbrella.

DNP3 Application Drawing
A typical DNP3 master/remote monitoring system architecture.

Several DPS RTUs can now report critical alarm data using DNP3 protocol...

NetGuardian V16 G2
For the medium-sized sites, the V16 G2 is a contemporary and feature-packed alarm remote now capable of reporting via DNP3. With 16 discrete points, 6 analog channels, and 2 (or 18) relays, this device features the just-right capacity for your medium sites.

NetGuardian V16 G2 DNP3 RTU
NetGuardian V16 G2 back panel (18 relay option shown)

NetGuardian 16A
For applications where you need a high-analog capacity to report to your DNP3 master. With 16 analog inputs, the 16A provides thorough coverage of all real-time conditions at a remote location. The unit also supports 20 discrete points - giving you the contact closure inputs to also monitor on/off conditions and telco equipment.

High Capacity Analog DNP3 RTU
The high analog capacity NetGuardian 16A.

Tower Monitoring Solution
The Complete Tower Monitoring System (CTMS) is a durable, customizable, and light-capacity tower monitoring solution designed with the help of DPS utilities clients. The brain of the CTMS is the NetGuardian 216 G3, is housed in a stainless steel NEMA enclosure with an AC to DC converter, an external temperature sensor, and a battery backed up with a trickle charger.

Complete DNP3 Tower Monitoring Solution
The rugged Complete Tower Monitoring System for industrial tower monitoring.

With 10 user-controlled discrete alarms and 1 relay, the CTMS is specifically scaled to the needs of remote towers. This system is capable of reporting DNP3 protocol over serial, cellular (GSM/GPRS or CDMA), or LAN for seamless integration with DNP3 network management systems.

Get More Information About These DNP3 Monitoring Solutions
Just because many RTUs and monitoring solutions don't support DNP3 protocol, doesn't mean you should leave critical aspects of your network unmonitored. Learn more about these DNP3-ready RTUs or how you can help DPS design a new monitoring product...

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