Distributed Network Protocol 3 Master: Best Practices and Critical Requirements for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Remote Alarm Monitoring and Control

A DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol) master provides you with visibility to your DNP3 protocol devices. Deploying a DNP3 master will maximize your network uptime by displaying a notification any time there is a problem with your mission-critical Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) operations.

A DNP3 Master Informs Your Technicians of Problems with Your SCADA System

A DNP3 master is one of the most important components of a SCADA monitoring system. The DNP3 master interacts with your DNP3 Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) to collect alarms from across your network. The DNP3 master takes these alarms and informs your network technicians of problems that need some kind of response.


These notifications provide up-to-the-minute visibility of your equipment network. This increases your network uptime and reduces customer churn. With alarm information immediately available your monitoring and field technicians, you should experience faster problem resolution and service restoration.

An Advanced DNP3 Master will Support Multiple Protocols

An advanced DNP3 master will also support a number of open and proprietary legacy protocols, allowing you to combine your DNP3 events with your other alarms. By bringing all of your events into a single master, you will reduce labor, equipment, and other overhead costs associated with operating single masters. You also greatly reduce the risk of missing an important alarm while juggling different windows or workstations.

The most advanced DNP3 master will enable you to convert your DNP3 alarms into common protocols such as SNMP, to forward alarms to a Master of Masters (MoM).

T/Mon LNX DNP3 Master Saves You from Deploying Multiple Monitoring Systems

T/Mon LNX is an advanced DNP3 master that can provide you with comprehensive SCADA visibility. T/Mon LNX is a multi-protocol master, and can monitor your other protocols in addition to DNP3, saving you from deploying multiple expensive monitoring masters. Using multi-protocol support, you can bring all of your alarms into the T/Mon convenient, single window view.

T/Mon will provide you with alarm details including location and repair information, all through email, cell phone, or pager. You can also forward your DNP3 alarms as SNMP to a MoM. This will assist your technicians in getting your SCADA operations running normally as quickly as possible, reducing revenue loss due to network downtime. With a more reliable network, you will also keep your client base happy, reducing your customer churn.

Deploy a T/Mon LNX and Increase Your Network Reliability

Your DNP3 master is critically important for monitoring your important SCADA operations. You need the most advanced gear available to give you the SCADA site visibility you need. A T/Mon LNX with a DNP3 software module is the answer to your SCADA monitoring needs. Increase your network reliability and customer satisfaction today and deploy a T/Mon LNX.

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