Automatically Correct Problems At Your Remote Sites

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Automatically Correct Problems at Your Remote Sites

Derived Controls Take Instant Corrective Action, Based on Alarm Inputs

Many things can go wrong at your remote sites, without warning, and when there's no one around to correct them. Generators can fail in the middle of the night. Tower lights at distant locations can go dark. How can you protect yourself against sudden failures when no human being is available to correct the problem?

Derived controls provide an always-on, instantaneous first line of defense against equipment problems that can cause network downtime. A remote telemetry unit that supports derived controls will automatically operate control relays in response to alarm inputs.

In the example shown, the RTU receives an alarm indicating a commercial power failure and automatically starts the backup generator. An alarm is sent to the NOC, providing visibility of the incident, but the problem is corrected at the remote site without the need for human intervention.

That's just one example. With a high-quality RTU, you can map any alarm input to any control relay, allowing you to create flexible responses to emergencies.

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