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Remotes for Small, Medium, or Large Sites
The perfect fit remote provides just the right capacity of alarm coverage for the equipment at the remote site.

Get Exactly the Right Coverage for Your Site Without Paying for Costly Extras

Some equipment vendors sell only a small line of remote telemetry units, with limited options for different alarm capacities. That doesn't effectively meet the needs of diverse networks with many different types of equipment.

You don't have exactly the same equipment at all of your sites, and your network is certainly different from your competitors' networks. A one-size-fits-all solution can be a costly mistake - it could mean you'll have insufficient coverage of your revenue-generating equipment, or you could be paying too much for capacity you won't use.

Instead, you need remotes with the capacity and capabilities that are a perfect fit for your needs. Look for a vendor who can supply remotes in different capacities for different types of remote sites.

Before selecting a vendor or a remote, determine the number of contact closures, analog values or sensors, and control relays you need at each type of remote site in your network. Knowing your needs precisely will help you select the right remotes for your network.

Related Prods Show Me Products That Do This ...

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