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How to Squeeze High Alarm Capacity

Are you desperate for more rack space at your remote sites? As you know, it can be incredibly difficult to cram monitoring and control equipment into your rack. If you want high alarm capacity, SNMP reporting, analog sensors, a terminal server, and a hub at your site, you probably think you need at least 3 rack units (RU), if not more space...

Why does it have to be so hard? The real problem is that most vendors don't have the experience and custom engineering capability to fit a lot of functionality into a small space.

Imagine how much easier it would be if you could install multiple devices in just 1 rack unit. You wouldn't have to gobble up your valuable rack space to meet your monitoring needs.

Now, a new RTU, the NetGuardian 864A, provides the complete monitoring and control solution you need in just 1 RU of rack space:

  • 64 discrete alarm points (Monitor more with just 1 RTU)
  • SNMP v1, v2c, and v3 reporting (Report alarms to your SNMP manager)
  • 8 analog alarm inputs (Monitor temperature, humidity, batteries, and more...)
  • 8 control relays (Control equipment, lights, doors, and more...)
  • Integrated 8-port terminal server (Control 8 serial devices remotely)
  • Integrated network hub (Distribute LAN without an extra hub or switch)
  • Blazing processor speed (Process alarms much faster)
  • 32 ping alarms (Automatically check and report the status of 32 LAN-enabled devices)
  • Firmware upgrades via LAN (Stop rolling trucks for routine updates)
  • Multi-user security (Give the right permissions to the right people)
  • Web interface (Monitor without a master in smaller networks)
  • Easy-to-use database configuration utility (Create and backup your alarm databases)

And, of course, the NetGuardian 864A comes complete with a 30-day no-risk money-back guarantee, a 2-year hardware warranty, and free lifetime firmware upgrades.

Are you ready to do more with less? Now you know that, if you want to squeeze every ounce of power from your available rack space, you need to choose the right RTU.

Netguardian 864A
The NetGuardian 864A allows you to do much more in just 1 RU of rack space...

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