Monitor All Your Revenue-Generating Equipment With Your E2A Master

Monitor All Your Revenue-Generating Equipment with Your E2A Master
KDA 863

Integrate Discrete Alarms, Controls, and Even Analog Alarms in Your E2A Monitoring

The KDA 864-E2 is a multifunction solution for monitoring network alarms from your E2A master. This NEBS-certified unit monitors 64 discrete alarm inputs, manages 8 control relays, and reports alarm data as TL1 autonomous messages to your TL1 OSS. The KDA 864-E2A can be expanded with numerous options, including analog alarm inputs, extra control relays, secondary interface ports.

Additionally, up to four KDAs can be daisy-chained, giving you 256 alarm points and 32 control points at a single location.

The KDA 864-E2A is a convenient and powerful way to integrate vital alarm inputs into your E2A network management system.