Newer Hardware Model is Now Available
The T/Mon platform now has a newer hardware version called T/Mon LNX, which includes several new benefits. Visit the T/Mon LNX product page now.

Devices supported by the T/Mon NOC.

The T/Mon NOC remote alarm master monitoring systemIntegrating all your alarm inputs into a single multi-function and multi-protocol platform, the T/Mon NOC is built with support for a variety of devices and protocols.

The T/Mon NOC xm interface screenshots Supported Devices and Protocols. Terminology Refresh.

SNMP is an acronym for Simple Network Management Protocol. It is a protocol that was created to control computers and report important information through a network connection. More in-depth information about SNMP can be found at SNMP Tutorial.

ASCII is an acronym for the American Standard Code for Information Interchange and is widely used as a character encoding standard on computers and other equipment that uses text characters. The term ASCII, in most cases, usually refers to a list of codes that are used as the numerical representation of text characters, also called symbols. For example, the ASCII code for the English character "A" is denoted by the numerical value "65". The value "65" in this case could also be called the ASCII code for the symbol "A". The English character "a" on the other hand is denoted by the numerical value "97". In ASCII, uppercase and lowercase characters just like the character "A" and the character "a" are seen as being two completely different characters. This is why the two characters have different values so that they can be represented separately. Because there are so many characters and symbols that can be represented using ASCII codes, there are lists of ASCII codes called ASCII table available online for easy viewing.

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