Video: SNMPv3 On T/Mon

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T/Mon master stations can handle a wide variety of protocols. Simply because it's so common, SNMP tends to be one of T/Mon's most useful abilities. Now, with the ability to collect and/or forward alarms in secure SNMPv3, you can protect your network infrastructure against real-world cyber threats. T/Mon can work with SNMP in a few different ways depending on the software modules you select, so let's take a look at a two different T/Mon SNMP application drawings and see how SNMPv3 makes them more versatile and secure.

First, T/Mon can act as your top-level master station. It can bring in alarms from many different protocols, including SNMP, and display them in a single integrated system. Three popular ways to view alarms in T/Mon are T/GFX geographic map software, the Web 2.0 interface accessible from any web browser on the network, and the mobile web interface you can view on your smartphone. In this application, SNMPv3 means that you can accept alarms from equipment that outputs SNMPv3. Some newer equipment may drop support for older SNMP versions, but it's more likely that your organization may decide to transition to SNMPv3 for security reasons. Even if you're required to transmit and receive only encrypted SNMPv3 traps, T/Mon can be your primary master station.

Second, T/Mon can mediate non-SNMP alarms to your existing SNMP manager. You can, of course, send SNMP traps directly to your SNMP manager. For non-SNMP gear, especially legacy equipment, you need an intelligent conversion device that will take in non-SNMP alarms, convert them to traps, and forward them to your SNMP manager. That's exactly what T/Mon will do for you in this application. When you add SNMPv3 capability, T/Mon can forward alarms securely to your top-level SNMP manager. Again, the encryption offered by SNMPv3 makes all the difference at security-conscious organizations.

Now, you've seen two different ways that T/Mon can work with SNMP, including SNMPv3. What do you need T/Mon to do for you? Is it SNMP management? Secured SNMPv3 forwarding? Maybe something else that has nothing to do with SNMP?

T/Mon is incredibly flexible. The reason it can do so many things is that DPS listens to all new feature requests. Most new features are the result of specific requests made by DPS clients. Contact DPS today and share your thoughts with a monitoring expert. No one knows your network better than you do, and DPS will listen to you to provide a perfect-fit solution.

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