T/Mon SLIM: All the Power of T/Mon, Sized for Small to Medium Networks

T/Mon is a very powerful alarm master. With support for over 26 protocols and the ability to add functionality with just about any of the T/Mon software modules, it has allowed many, many satisfied clients to integrate their entire network monitoring system onto a single screen.

But what if you have a small- to medium-sized network and have a limited budget?
Even if you don't have a large, national network, you still need to monitor your alarms effectively. The T/Mon SLIM brings you all the power of T/Mon in an affordable package, allowing you to avoid the steep costs of not monitoring adequately.

What if you need local visibility of a network segment?
The T/Mon SLIM is also a great way to achieve local alarm visibility of regional network segments. You can database, monitor, and act on alarms from your region without waiting on the Central Office to notify you. All local alarms collected by the T/Mon SLIM can be automatically forwarded to a higher-level master.

T/Mon SLIM gives you mission-critical visibility

The Power of T/Mon, with a SLIM size and a SLIM price
There's nothing small about the capabilities of T/Mon SLIM. It runs on the latest version of T/MonXM and the majority of T/Mon software modules.

In fact, if you manage a small to medium network (or a regional segment of a larger network), there's only one thing missing from T/Mon SLIM: unnecessary expense. With a SLIM, you won't pay for excess alarm capacity that will go unused.

The T/Mon SLIM will allow you to:

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