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New Product Announcement:1 RU Alarm Master T/Mon SLIM Provides Independent Alarm Monitoring for Local/Regional Network Managers

FRESNO, CA, July 19, 2005 - DPS Telecom today released T/Mon SLIM, a complete network alarm monitoring system in a 1 RU case, designed for monitoring small, local and regional telecom networks. Cost-effective and compact, T/Mon SLIM empowers any small company - or even an individual department - to directly manage its network alarms, without depending on a centralized Network Operations Center (NOC).

"T/Mon SLIM answers the needs of regional and local network managers, the people who have front-line responsibility for maintaining telecom remote sites," said Eric Storm, President of DPS Telecom.

"These managers usually have to wait for the NOC to notify them of alarms, even when the alarm is from equipment in the next room. That's just unacceptable when you're responsible for a revenue-generating network. T/Mon SLIM provides real-time visibility in an alarm master unit that even small markets can fit into their budget," Storm said.

T/Mon SLIM takes the alarm notification and data-processing capabilities of DPS Telecom's flagship T/Mon NOC Remote Alarm Monitoring System and scales them to the needs of small, local and regional networks.

With T/Mon SLIM, network managers can:

  • Monitor telecom switches; fiber optic equipment; SONET; microwave radios; servers; multiplexers; SNMP, TL1 and ASCII equipment; DPS Telecom remote telemetry units; remotes from Badger, Dantel, Larse, NEC and Pulsecom; and many other network devices.
  • Monitor up to 64 individual network devices
  • Monitor 7,500 alarm points
  • Consolidate alarms from several sites, all different equipment types and multiple protocols to a single local/regional network view
  • Send automatic pager and email alarm notifications to field technicians
  • Access alarms remotely via Web browser
  • Filter and forward alarms to a T/Mon NOC unit or SNMP manager at a central NOC
  • Maintain alarm history logs
  • Analyze past alarms to identify network weak spots and anticipate future problems
  • Track complex network problems with custom alarms built from multiple alarm inputs
  • Automatically correct network problems with user-programmable control responses

Who Needs T/Mon SLIM?

T/Mon SLIM is a great solution for users who:

  • Manage a local or regional section of a large network
  • Want to monitor the alarms your department is responsible for, independent of your network's central NOC
  • Need powerful after-hours notification
  • Have a small network that needs network alarm monitoring

More Information on the Web

A complete description, full specifications and photos of the T/Mon SLIM here.

A free White Paper, "Take Control of Your Alarms: A Cost-Effective Solution for Managing Regional Networks," takes an in-depth look at T/Mon SLIM and the need for regional monitoring. Download the White Paper at: www.dpstelecom.com/tmon-slim-whitepaper.

About DPS Telecom

DPS Telecom is an industry-leading manufacturer of network alarm monitoring solutions. DPS clients include RBOCs, ILECs, CLECs, gas and electric utilities, heavy and light rail transit, government agencies and manufacturers. More information is available at www.dpstelecom.com

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