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T/Mon Roadmap: New Features Coming Soon to the DPS Alarm Master

Having good infrastructure and automation is more important than ever.

For that reason, we're adding some new things to our T/Mon master station, including:

  • Technician GPS locations.
  • Smartphone app (Android & iOS) for live geolocation & alarm management.
  • Trouble ticket management.
  • SOP creation, management, and automatic presentation to system operations.

We're currently planning for all of these to be available to T/Mon users with (either new or with active Maintenance Agreements) before the end of 2020.

Make Dispatching Easy with Live Technician GPS Mapping

Technician GPS locations on a T/Mon GFX map
Technician geolocation will soon be supported in T/Mon GFX using the new T/Mon smartphone app.

T/Mon GFX, now integrated into the T/Mon web interface, has long been a great way to visually understand where your alarms are happening. You can drill through maps layers, to a site floor plan, and down to site photograph or diagram.

Since any image can be used as a backdrop, some DPS clients have gotten really creative by including radio reference sheets and other important materials.

Our goal now is to add technician locations for you so you can make good dispatch decisions. When a problem occurs, which technicians are closest? You always have some choices with GFX icons, but technician photos or simple names seem like a good place to start.

Of course, to make this work, T/Mon must know where your technicians are in the first place, which brings us to our new...

Smartphone app (Android & iOS) for live geolocation & alarm management

T/Mon mobile web interface on a smartphone
The T/Mon mobile web interface will soon be available as a true smartphone app - supporting other advanced features like geolocation and location-specific alarm lists.

Even though we have a web interface that automatically formats itself for smartphones, we've gotten requests for an app from many T/Mon users.

An app reduces data transfer to make life easier on the fringe of wireless coverage. It also enables smart features like updating the GPS location of your technicians at regular intervals.

After building some internal apps for DPS PCB and metal manufacturing, we now have a dedicated dev team to work on an app for T/Mon. We're planning on two phases:

  • Phase 1: GPS beacon for technician geolocation
  • Phase 2: Full alarm management in the app

Trouble ticket management

T/Mon Trouble Logs for tracking problem resolution
The T/Mon "Trouble Logs" feature will soon evolve into a total ticket management platform.

T/Mon has a long history of helping you track resolution steps for an alarm.

The "Trouble Logs" feature was built for exactly this reason. You can enter a new log note each time you work on an alarm.

Still, Trouble Logs aren't really a full ticket management system.

With planned features like persistent ticket numbering and user assignment, T/Mon could soon be your primary ticket management platform.

SOP creation, management, and automatic presentation

DPS SOP management interface
You'll be able to author process SOPs in T/Mon and associate them with your T/Mon alarm points. This bridges a critical gap between your retiring and new staff.

Just like Trouble Logs will evolve into full ticket management, our new SOP management tools have a precursor.

T/Mon has had a "Text Messages" feature since before teenagers had cell phones. This function has nothing to do with SMS, but is rather a set of simple text instructions that you associate to an alarm point. It tells your operators what to do if that alarm occurs.

Internally a DPS, we're huge on process control. Every step of our manufacturing process is documented, as required for ISO9001 certification. We also write our own tools, so we wrote our own document management system to hold our SOPs and manage their evolving versions.

Our goal now is to embed a very similar tool into T/Mon. You'll be able to write and update your own SOPs. These can be just simple checklists - or detailed procedures with illustrations. If you can write a Word DOC file, you can write an SOP in T/Mon's web interface.

Once you've saved an SOP, you can attach it to one or more alarm points. Now, when that alarm comes in, your operators will know precisely how they should handle it. The idea here is to reduce guesswork for your newer technicians - and make sure that even senior staff don't forget something. Certain alarms are very rare, after all, and seconds often count during an emergency.

SOP management is a direct response to the retirement wave that many industries are seeing. As your older staff retire, you need to capture their expertise for the next generation of your team. T/Mon will now give you a way to do this.

How do you get these new functions?

If you purchase a new T/Mon after these features are written, you'll get them automatically.

If you already have a T/Mon, make sure your Maintenance Agreement is up to date. You'll then be eligible for both major software releases and on-demand software updates.

What did we miss?

Everything on the T/Mon Roadmap is based on feedback from our users, but we probably haven't heard from you yet!

What have we missed? What would make T/Mon perfect for you?

Let us know at 559-454-1600 or sales@dpstele.com.