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Introducing the T/Mon Remote Status Panel

T/Mon Remote Status Panel
The T/Mon NOC Remote Status Panel relays alarm status information from T/Mon NOC or T/Mon SLIM to external alarm displays and alarm speakers.

Meet the T/Mon Remote Status Panel - providing local visibility of your T/Mon's alarms

How many times have you wished that the T/Mon's speaker sounded less like a beep and more like a siren? Is your T/Mon kept in a separate room? Do you wish that you could have audio or visual notification of alarms in your office too? With the T/Mon NOC Remote Status Panel you'll never have to worry about not noticing an alarm on your T/Mon again.

The T/Mon NOC Remote Status Panel provides local visibility of your T/Mon alarms in an economical space saving package. With the ability to monitor all of your T/Mon's alarms the Remote Status Panel gives you a quick visual or audible diagnosis of alarms as they happen. With the Remote Status Panel you'll know that an alarm has been tripped the second it happens.

The Remote Status Panel allows you to hook up auxiliary speakers and lights to your T/Mon so you can get the notification you need when you need it. Now your alarms can be as loud as you want! With the ability to attach a different audible or visual relay for each of the T/Mon's four alarm severity levels you'll be able to tell the difference between critical alarms and minor ones faster than ever before.

Here are some of the features the T/Mon NOC Remote Status Panel has to offer:

Front Panel Alarm Summary Display

T/Mon Remote Status Panel Alarm Summary LEDs

The Alarm Summary LEDs on the front panel give immediate information about relay status. When a Visible or Audible relay is latched, its corresponding LED lights-in a distinct pattern and color. The LED display can be switched to display Visible or Audible relay status by using the Visible-Audible toggle switch on the front panel.

Visible/Audible relays provide local notification of any T/Mon alarm

The Remote Status Panel provides a Visible and Audible relay for each of T/Mon's four alarm severity levels: Critical, Major, Minor, and Status. If any T/Mon alarm point is activated, the Remote Status Panel latches the Visible and Audible relays for the appropriate alarm severity level, providing local notification of the T/Mon's overall alarm status.

Audible=COS; Visible=Standing Alarm

T/Mon Remote Status Panel Visible Audible Switch

The Remote Status Panel's Audible relays latch for every new Change of State (COS) alarm, providing ongoing alerts of every new alarm. The Visible Relays latch and remain latched for every Standing Alarm, providing a visible indication of all current alarms.

Locally Silence Audible Alarms

The Remote Status Panel's two switch inputs can be connected to buttons or switches for silencing local Critical and Major Audible alarms. Silencing a local Remote Status Panel Audible alarm does not acknowledge, silence or tag T/Mon alarms.

Standalone Mode

T/Mon Remote Status Panel Standalone ACK Switch

If the Remote Status Panel loses its connection to the T/Mon the unit will enter Standalone Mode. All relays will keep their present latching status until the T/Mon connection is restored. Audible alarms can be locally silenced in Standalone Mode using either the switch inputs or the front panel ACK button.

If you've ever wished that your T/Mon had bells and whistles going off when alarms were tripped than the T/Mon NOC Remote Status Panel is for you. Call one of our solution consultants today to upgrade your T/Mon's functionality with the T/Mon NOC Remote Status Panel and never worry about missing an alarm again.