Multi-Protocol T/Mon Alarm Monitoring Master Station Provides Visibility Over Key Remote Site Conditions

by Mac Smith

Is monitoring your RTUs become a time-consuming burden? Do you have many different types of equipment deployed throughout your network with little to no visibility over their status? The T/Mon master station is a multi-protocol, multi-function remote alarm monitoring system designed as a single-platform solution for monitoring and mediating alarms at remote sites into a single, centralized location.

T/Mon LNX alarm master
The T/Mon LNX alarm master provides critical visibility over key network elements.

T/Mon collects alarm data from lots of different equipment, throughout many manufacturers and protocols, and displays the state of your entire network in one interface, eliminating the need for specialized terminals. With this one unit, you can:

  • Monitor alarm data in any current or legacy protocol, including SNMP, ASCII, Badger, Datalok, DCPx, DCPf, DCM, Larse, TABS, Teltrac, TL1, and more.
  • Map alarm data to a single interface that displays up-to-the-minute information about your entire network.
  • Administer a centralized database of configuration information for your whole network.
  • Automatically send detailed notifications and instructions to repair and security personnel when an alarm event occurs.
  • Forward alarm data to other network management devices.
  • Maintain logs and create reports of events.
  • Control remote site equipment either manually or automatically using derived alarms from several alarm inputs.

Mediate Alarms to Your Master of Masters (M.O.M.)
A common use of the T/Mon consolidates alarms from diverse equipment to a single data stream, then forwards to a single enterprise-level network management platform. This provides the convenience of managing an impressive array of equipment that can interface with your existing SNMP manager or Master of Masters.

T/Mon Mediation
Topology diagram representing the T/Mon LNX used to mediate alarms to a Master of Masters.

"People must have access to 911 service, so we're committed to deliver 99.999% ('Five 9s') of reliability. We deployed T/Mon to meet this requirement."
-Clay B, Mid-Rivers Telephone Co-Op

Learn More About Improving the Reliability of your Network Operations
The T/Mon is a powerful tool that's helped many companies cut costs by avoiding preventable network outages. To learn more about how T/Mon can fit into your operations...

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