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Protect And Monitor Your Networking Equipment With T/Mon LNX Master Station

Keeping track of every one of your alarms can easily get out of hand. If you manage multiple sites and have a RTU (Remote Telemetry Unit) stationed at each individual one, it's easy for you to lose track of vital information. Most masters support only a small number of protocols. In addition, they don't feature older protocols for legacy equipment.

T/MON LNX supports over 30 different protocols so you don't have those problems. It's safe to say that most sites using remote monitoring equipment will have varying ages of firmware. You should be able to use it all, regardless of when it was made.

With T/MON as your master station, all of your alarms are consolidated into one powerful and effective interface. The main purpose of T/MON is to collect alarm data from all of your network equipment and give you full access to it.

Manage Your Network Smarter And Effectively

In addition to its primary function, it also:

  • Categorizes and presents alarms concisely so you can easily see what matters.
  • Filters them as well so you aren't overloaded with unimportant alerts.
  • Maintains history so you can track long-term problems.
  • Notifies you via e-mail and smartphone so you're not stuck at your desk.
  • Encrypts all data using HTTPS in the web interface to protect your information.

T/MON also includes software called GFX that gives you the ability to view all of your alarms on geographical maps. This software is already integrated into T/MON's web interface. Which means, there's no need to install any software. It will automatically update. And to make it even more convenient, this software can support multiple users simultaneously.

GFX Interface

No Other Master Gives You This Much Liberty Throughout Your Network

Not only is T/MON loaded with cutting edge software, but it also possesses hardware features that heighten its value.

The main one is its modular design. This means that it allows you to customize each master for various projects. It can be tailored to your specific needs. Up to 16 serial ports can be added to provide the master with ample resources for gathering alarm data from other equipment using an RJ45 connection.

It's always beneficial to have a contingency plan. T/MON is well-equipped in the event of a crisis. It supports RAID 1 Hard Disk Redundancy. If the primary hard drive is compromised, T/MON automatically falls back to its secondary.

On a much larger scale, complete server redundancy is a preventive measure against drastic failures or accidents such as power outages and hurricanes. Networking two T/MON master stations together is how this is accomplished. Should one of them go offline for any reason, the second unit will take over the remote alarm monitoring duties for all accompanied units within a short amount of time.

No other master station can offer you this much control over your networking equipment. The level of productivity and reliability is unprecedented. Anticipate, correct, and prevent problems before your network vitality is crippled.

Make the call to 1-800-693-0351. Our expert engineering team can develop a custom solution perfect for you.