"The New T/Mon Platinum Plan Gives You No-Cost Alarm Master Upgrades..."

In today's business environment, you simply have to protect yourself against unexpected future costs. For years, the T/Mon Gold Plan maintenance agreement has been protecting T/Mon NOC masters around the world.

T/Mon Platinum Plan
The new T/Mon Platinum Plan, which can be
purchased now with CapEx budget, delivers
free hardware upgrades later...

But now, after listening to your input, we're proud to announce an even higher level of protection: T/Mon Platinum. The Gold Plan gives you a discount on hardware upgrades, but Platinum Plan holders receive complimentary hardware upgrades.

This is ideal if you can't get new funding for a closed project. We've heard from a lot of our clients that it's much easier to budget for long-term maintenance as part of the initial purchase transaction.

T/Mon Platinum was created to provide this capability. You can cover all of your future upgrade expenses with a single use of CapEx budget.

At DPS, we don't want your T/Mon to become "that 20-year-old computer", with a monochrome screen and a "gunked up" keyboard. Just because it can run that long doesn't mean it's enjoyable. We want you to be able to leverage Moore's law, and you'll also be staying ahead of hardware mortality curves.

Aside from being faster and newer, updated hardware is better. For example, T/Mon has seen quantum leaps over the years in terms of modularity, integrated temperature and fan speed sensors, and power supply options.

Our engineers already have some big ideas for the next hardware generation of T/Mon.

If you're currently a T/Mon Gold Plan holder and you want to upgrade to T/Mon Platinum, just call us at 1-800-693-0351.

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