What's New in T/MonXM 4.5

You'll probably always have legacy equipment, but that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of the latest technologies AND continue to get the full value of your legacy gear. The answer is SNMP-legacy integration.

With over 20 separate improvements in speed, usability, and function the new T/MonXM 4.5 delivers effective, customized alarm monitoring for your network's individual needs. Look at what's new in T/MonXM 4.5:

Extend Your Network Monitoring Capabilities

  • Remote Access via LAN, Dial-Up, or Serial Connection
  • Fast Primary-Secondary Switching in Redundant Dual-Master Configurations
  • See Live Operational Status of Primary and Secondary T/Mons
  • Access Your Alarm Database in Monitor Mode
  • Select Alarm Windows With One Keystroke
  • Trouble Log Reports Provide a Comprehensive Record of All Trouble Log Entries
  • Offline Databasing for Windows 2000 and XP
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