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Appendix Part 2: Protocols and Devices Supported by T/Mon NOC




Granger 8000 Alarm System.


  • Any network enabled device (printers, servers, routers, RTUs, etc.)


  • Any Modbus ASCII device.
  • Any Modbus RTU device.
  • Any Modbus TCP/IP device.
  • Analog and contact closure sensors.
  • Environmental sensors (temp, humidity, etc.)
  • Tridium Jace-512.


  • NEC - 21SV supervisory & control remotes.
  • NEC - 21RB supervisory & control remotes.
  • NEC - 21GTX fault-management system.


  • Network Time Protocol.
  • Synchronize the T/Mon clock to Network Time Servers.


  • Any device that supports the TABS protocol.
  • NEC RC-28D digital multiplexer.


  • Any device that supports the TBOS protocol.
  • DPS Telecom remotes.
  • Alcatel DML-3X50 Digital Muldem/Lightwave multiplexer.
  • Lucent DDM 1000 DS3 multiplexer.
  • Lucent DDM 2000 OC-12 multiplexer.
  • Lucent DDM 2000 OC-3 multiplexer.
  • Microwave radios.
  • Multiplexers.
  • NEC Async.
  • NEC FD-39001 multiplexer.
  • Nortel FD-565.
  • Nortel Async (now CTDI Async product line of Digital Loop Carriers (DLCs), Channel Banks, and Multiplexers).
  • OC-3s from various manufacturers.

Telco Systems Teltrac devices.


  • Any device that supports the TL1 protocol.
  • PBX Switches.
  • Class 5 Switches.
  • Microwave radios.
  • Routers.
  • SONET equipment.

TMonNet (Network of multiple T/Mons).

POP3 - Email acknowledgment of alarm notifications in T/Mon.

SMTP - Email notifications of alarms sent from T/Mon.


  • Any device that supports SNMP.
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