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DPS Telecom Announces New T/Mon NOC Remote Network Monitoring System

Integrated Telemetry Platform Monitors All Network Devices on One Screen, Supports Legacy Devices, Eliminates Forklift Swapouts

FRESNO, CA, July 8, 2004 - DPS Telecom today announced the release of T/Mon NOC, the new hardware platform for the T/Mon Remote Network Monitoring System.

T/Mon NOC supports over 25 standard, proprietary, and legacy protocols, providing an integrated telemetry platform for network managers to monitor every device in their network from one screen.

Companies that integrate all their network alarm monitoring on T/Mon NOC can realize substantial cost savings, said DPS Telecom CEO Bob Berry.

"T/Mon NOC provides integrated support for your legacy monitoring equipment, so you can continue to use it instead of throwing it away in a budget-killing forklift swapout. You'll get the benefit of a monitoring upgrade while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars," said Berry.

Integrated remote network monitoring also improves network visibility, said Berry. "If you have to watch multiple consoles and multiple screens, you'll inevitable lose track of critical alarms. T/Mon NOC eliminates that risk by displaying every network device on one screen."

Brian Krest, a network engineer and T/Mon user agreed: "I just can't imagine monitoring without having T/Mon to bring everything together. Looking at one map and knowing it represents every piece of equipment you're monitoring in the field ... when you see green on there, everywhere, from all your sites, that's pretty good peace of mind."

T/Mon NOC's functions include remote network monitoring, remote operation of control relays, alarm notification via Web, e-mail and pager, building access control, and video surveillance.

The new T/Mon NOC includes over 20 hardware and software improvements, including:

  • Support for MODBUS, a standard open protocol used by thousands of automation devices
  • Support for legacy devices from Larse, Badger, and other manufacturers
  • Faster processing of SNMP trap messages and ASCII text alarms
  • Improved remote provisioning of network monitoring devices
  • Swappable interface ports for RS-232, RS-422/485, 202, 212, FSK and PSK transport interfaces, enabling easy connection of multiple devices
  • 2-6 times faster performance than the previous generation of T/Mon hardware.

A full description of T/Mon NOC, including a complete list of supported protocols and devices, can be seen on the DPS Telecom Web site at http://www.dpstele.com/products/em/tmonxm/.

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