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New alarm master web interface for T/Mon simplifies both databasing and monitoring

Do you have an old master with a difficult interface? Do you wish you could edit and monitor in the same interface, from any computer, anytime?

A master station can have lots of advanced functions and multi-protocol compatibility, but those things aren't useful if they're hidden behind a confusing interface.

Imagine if there was a more streamlined master web browser interface, which allowed you to view, set and edit your users, devices and alarms, all in one place. You could see which alarms have been triggered, who silenced them, as well as reports that show alarm trends. You could set user privileges, set up text alerts, and see each device that your master is connected to.

The new T/Mon Web Browser features multiple new upgrades to make the user experience better and more convenient. One of the first major changes is the login screen - where you can now choose between entering Monitor Mode or Edit Mode.

T/MON Web Login
Once you have entered your login user name and password, select either the monitor button or the edit button.

Monitor Mode

Monitor Mode has been revamped for better performance. Experience a faster and more responsive interface with improved visual diagnostics.

Monitor Mode
In Monitor Mode, you can see alarm status, silenced alarms and more.
  • Standing Alarms Screen - The Standing Alarms screen allows you to see details and status information about all of your units. In the Standing Alarm screen, window names are now expanded for an easier to read display.

    In order to better optimize and filter your alarm screens, you'll be able to customize which columns are displayed and which are hidden. This means you can configure the alarm tables in your interface to display only the columns you want to see - without the extras you don't. You can also use the new sort feature to sort your alarms (by time, alphabetically, etc).
  • Ports/Jobs Screen - This screen allows you to see site and polling information for each job.
  • Controls Screen - Here you can view groups of controls (set up in Editing mode) and view point, status and display information for each group.
  • Silence Screen - View alarms that have been silenced. This screen shows you when the alarm was silenced, what the alarm was and who silenced it.
  • Analog Groups Screen - A new interface for managing your analog groups has been implemented. This group management interface makes it easier to view and manage all of your analog alarms in gauge form.

In Monitor Mode you can also generate reports, view stats and a variety of other functions in this new, easy to view, web browser format.

Edit Mode

In the new T/Mon Web Browser, you can now enter Edit Mode and make changes to your T/Mon from your Web Browser. T/Mon can even remain in Monitor Mode as you edit from your web browser. You won't have to take your T/Mon offline to make any changes.

Edit Mode
In Edit Mode, you can edit individual devices, as well as see both front and back panel images of each device.

In Edit Mode, you can now take advantage of an array of new features to make managing your alarms even easier using a new web-based intuitive editing utility. New features include front and back panel images, device specific data basing, group management, floating help boxes, and point & click menus. Some new features include:

  • Devices - By selecting devices, you can add and manage the devices monitored by your T/Mon. Each device can be added, edited and viewed from this screen. Each device also is associated with a front and back panel image, allowing you to distinguish each device as well as identify ports and other features.
  • Privileges - Add users that can access the web browser. Here you can create login information, assign permissions and select restrictions, customizable for each user profile.
  • Text Messages - Here you can create text messages to be sent when an alarm is triggered.

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