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All-in-One Monitoring for 5-100 Sites.

Do you have between 5 and 100 remote sites? Whether you work in a telco, utility, county (police/fire), or transit industry, that's a sweet spot for common problems and this proven solution:

You have to monitor a variety of devices.

Your network is made up of generators, surveillance equipment, switches and other mission critical equipment. You know how important it is to monitor the health of each of your sites and all your devices. Plus, site visibility is crucial to network uptime and happy customers.

Monitoring with multiple systems is confusing.

You could use multiple monitoring systems to create a patchwork of site visibility. A system for monitoring your generators, security cameras with individual monitors for each, a building entry security unit; the list is endless. It may seem like all your equipment is being watched by something, but this becomes cumbersome. Before you know it, your techs have to check multiple screens and devices to catch any alarms. With each piece of equipment, your margin of error increases significantly and critical alarms get missed.

Mass site swap-outs are expensive and time-consuming.

Another theoretical option is a complete equipment swap out, which would streamline your system. But that can be extremely expensive and time-consuming to set up. Plus, your techs then have to learn a whole new system. If something goes wrong, not even your most seasoned tech has the experience or knowledge to fix it.

T/Mon Master
The T/Mon creates a unified system and manages all your devices in one interface.

The solution is an alarm master.

What you need is an all-in-one monitoring solution that can not only improve site visibility, but can also unify all your existing equipment. A good alarm master can pull this off. That way, you don't have multiple monitoring platforms and you only have to purchase one unit, rather than new equipment for every site.

You need a system that can mediate multiple proprietary protocols as well as support your still functioning legacy equipment that you already have implemented. A streamlined graphic interface is ideal for unifying all your alarms and notifications in one central location for your techs to check, eliminating room for error. The perfect system is designed with industry in mind. You want something that is robust and time-tested from a company with experience in your industry and reputation to back it up.

Replace legacy equipment
As your legacy equipment fails, you can replace RTUs one by one (within your budget).

T/Mon Master Station: Your All-In-One Solution

DPS Telecom's T/Mon Master Station is a proven all-in-one monitoring solution. It's used by hundreds of radio networks, telcos, utilities, and transit companies worldwide.

The T/Mon LNX Remote Alarm Monitoring System is a multiprotocol, multifunction network alarm manager designed as a single-platform solution for all alarm monitoring applications.

The T/Mon:

  • Supports over 25 legacy and proprietary protocols.
  • Supports legacy devices such as Badger, Cordell, Larse, etc.
  • Clear to read alarm descriptions.
  • T/Mon GFX graphical user interface to view alarms visually on layered geographic maps.
  • Control remote site equipment automatically in response to multiple alarm inputs.
  • Automatically sends detailed notifications and instructions to repair technicians by alphanumeric pager, cell phone, and e-mail.
  • Maps remote alarm monitoring data from all your equipment to one consistent interface.
  • And more...

T/Mon allows you to gradually transition and add new monitoring.

Versatility is what makes the T/Mon such a powerful solution. The ability to incorporate your legacy equipment with new SNMP equipment is crucial. Managing multiple screens is a silly waste.

Once it's time to decommission your legacy RTUs and other equipment, T/Mon's multiprotocol capabilities make it compatible with any modern replacement, allowing you to escape the legacy trap for good.

Recommended modernization tools:

DPS Telecom also makes other system components, such as the Building Access System and NetGuardian RTUs for sites of any size. Monitor your generators, environmentals, security cameras, building access and more for total site visibility. Many of these units also have multiprotocol capabilities - and all are compatible with T/Mon.