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New T/Mon MINI: Try T/Mon Easily

Are you interested in the T/Mon master station, but you're worried about getting budget approval?

T/Mon master stations have always been positioned at a convenient "knee" in the value curve. T/Mon delivers far more capacity and protocol support than cheap software-only solutions, and it provides most of the functionality of $500,000 master stations that only the world's largest companies could possibly justify.

Still, DPS has gotten several requests for a master station that focuses exclusively on DPS RTUs. This master would provide high-end yet affordable centralized monitoring and notification. Now, that solution exists, and it's called T/Mon MINI.

The new T/Mon MINI master station makes it very easy to try T/Mon
T/Mon MINI includes the same core alarm processing and T/GFX map software as a full-scale T/Mon, but requires just 10% of the budget dollars. You can also apply 100% of its value to an upgrade during the first year. Imagine how much easier it will be to try T/Mon this way.

T/Mon MINI aggregates and presents alarms just like a full-scale master
T/Mon MINI provides centralized monitoring for up to 16 DPS alarm remotes (scalable to 64 remotes). This makes it a great test for a larger T/Mon deployment, and also a solid long-term option for monitoring smaller networks.

Whether you need to monitor 2 or 256 or even more alarm points, the NetGuardian family of RTUs has a right-sized alarm remote for your site. All LAN-based RTUs from DPS can be connected to T/Mon MINI.

T/GFX software, with its geographic map view of your network, makes an excellent centerpiece in any NOC center. It's intuitive, it provides great situational awareness, and (according to several DPS clients) it really impresses visiting VIPs. One seat of T/GFX is included with T/Mon MINI, and you have the option to purchase a second seat.

Receive 100% Upgrade Value - and a 30-Day Guarantee
T/Mon MINI is a great way to get started with T/Mon, because you can apply 100% of its value if you decide to upgrade to the larger T/Mon SLIM (monitors 64 devices, including SNMP, ASCII, and others) or the full-size T/Mon LNX (monitors thousands of devices from dozens of protocols). 100% trade-in value is available for an entire year, and you can apply partial value for several years.

Just like every DPS product, T/Mon MINI is covered by the 30-Day No-Risk Money-Back guarantee. If you determine that T/Mon isn't a good fit for your network, you can return it for a 100% refund of the purchase price.

Contact DPS to Discuss T/Mon MINI
The best way to learn about T/Mon (including MINI, SLIM, and LNX platforms) is to speak with a DPS sales engineer. They're right down the hall from the T/Mon development team, so you can get answers to every question you have. You can also receive a customized application drawing showing how T/Mon will fit into your network.

Call 1-800-622-3314 or email sales@dpstele.com. You can also send a message to Mac Smith using the quick form below.

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