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Remote Monitoring Web Interface for Smartphones

The latest update for the T/Mon LNX alarm management platform allows you to conveniently manage network alarms right from your BlackBerry(R) smartphone, Android(R)-based smartphone, or iPhone(R). The new T/Mon Mobile Web interface displays standing/COS alarms across your network and allows you to acknowledge alarms or view alarm details while you're on the go, without booting up your laptop.

Now, when you receive an alarm notification, you can log directly into the web interface from your smartphone and tap on your alarms to view detailed alarm information. Access text messages set for points in the LNX, so you can more easily diagnose and fix problems that other technicians have already encountered. View live readings from your analog inputs.

T/Mon's mobile web application on a BlackBerry(R) Torch, Motorola Droid(R), and iPhone(R) 3
The T/Mon LNX Mobile Web Interface puts alarm information right at your fingertips, providing BlackBerry and Smartphone access to T/Mon.

The mobile web interface provides you with the information you need to maintain your network, in an interface sized perfectly for your smartphone, so you can navigate through your alarms on the go, quickly and easily.

The T/Mon LNX Mobile Web Interface has been tested and proven to work with Android versions 2.1 (Eclair), 2.2 (Froyo), and 2.3 (Gingerbread), Safari for iOS 4, and BlackBerry OS version 6, and will be available in a forthcoming T/Mon release version.

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