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New T/Mon LNX SNMP Alarm Master

by Mac Smith

New T/mon LNX
The New T/Mon LNX has 5 NICs (connect to 5 networks) and much faster processing

What do you want your alarm master to do? No matter what your industry, your list probably includes:

  • Process alarms quickly, so you can react to network threats.
  • Collect alarms from all protocols in your network, so you can monitor with one comprehensive system.
  • Support existing security and redundancy measures, like segregated LANs, RAID hard drive mirroring, and dual-redundant master configurations.
  • Allow many users to access the system at once

What you need is an alarm master than can handle your current monitoring needs - but also the extra horsepower and capacity that allows for growth. Need to mediate lots of different equipment to SNMP? Your next SNMP manager should be able to take whatever protocols you can throw at it, and turn it into SNMP traps, voice notifications, emails, and text messages you can actually use. And of course, your alarm master had better meet all of your security requirements if it's going to manage your entire network.

Meet the T/Mon LNX
To address all of these important needs, DPS is proud to announce the latest alarm master hot off the Production floor - the T/Mon LNX.

T/Mon LNX includes a quad-core processor and more RAM than any previous T/Mon - and it lays the foundation for the future.

T/Mon LNX also supports a fresh, new web interface offering more flexibility and visibility than ever.

Key benefits of the T/Mon LNX platform:

  • 5 10/100/1000 NICs, versus a single 10/100 in the NOC. With multiple LAN configurations becoming increasingly popular for security reasons, your T/Mon LNX can communicate on 5 networks while maintaining your segregation.
  • Processes more ASCII jobs, virtual polling loops, and more GFX connections
  • Completely compatible with existing T/Mon EXP applications, such as the SQL History Agent and Voice Dialer
  • On-board RAID 1 for true hard drive redundancy
  • Better multi-tasking environment to allow more

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