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T/Mon GFX Provides Enhanced Graphical Alarm Display for T/Mon Users

Now, T/Mon users will enjoy a whole new kind of network visibility with the new T/Mon Graphical User Interface (GUI). This powerful new interface in included as a part of the advanced T/Mon monitoring platform.

T/Mon GFX Will Give You the Following Benefits:
  • Visual alarm representation on geographic maps- enhancing network visibility by providing a bird's eye view of the entire alarm network
  • Support for multiple map layers- allowing operators to drill down to the device level to view specific alarm information.
  • Control familiarity for Windows users- making the T/Mon GUI user experience more intuitive than ever before
  • Boosted application performance- allowing GFX keep up with the ultra-fast T/Mon NOC
  • Direct hosting of alarm database on T/Mon- ensuring that multiple GFX workstations always have the latest maps and alarm database
  • Two seats standard, with the ability to add many more- ensuring you always have enough visibility, T/Mon GFX includes two operator seats standard, and more seats are available.
  • Windows compatibility combined with T/Mon's core monitoring- combining the familiarity of windows with the reliability of the powerful T/Mon platform
  • Enhanced security - Security privileges are now enforced against T/Mon User ID's, greatly reducing the potential for unauthorized access

All New T/Mon Purchases Will Include Two Copies of T/Mon GFX
Starting July 2007, all new T/Mon packages quoted will include T/Mon GFX. As part of its continuing commitment to total client support, DPS Telecom will include these copies of T/Mon GFX to clients who invest in the T/Mon NOC monitoring platform.

T/Mon Gold Plan Users Will Receive Complimentary Upgrades to T/Mon GFX
With a Gold Plan, T/Mon users receive all major software updates, keeping their system running with the most advanced monitoring software programs. Gold Plan clients also receive free seats at DPS Factory Training, priority tech support, and more.

Existing T/Mon clients with a Gold Plan maintenance agreement will receive two user seats of T/Mon GFX. For clients who have already purchased more than 2 seats of T/GrafX, an earlier version of T/Mon GUI, all of their seats will be upgraded to T/Mon GFX.

GFX Provides Added Functionality to Popular T/Mon Platform
T/Mon GFX is the next evolution of the T/Mon interface. It allows operators to view alarms visually on layered geographic maps. This multiple layer support enables operators to drill down from regions, to cities, to sites, to photographs of their equipment racks. This provides visualization of alarms right down to the network devices themselves, rapidly accelerating repair operations. In addition to .BMP format images, T/Mon GFX now supports .JPEG and .GIF files, enabling you to import a wide variety of maps for your site.

The GFX's capabilities extend far beyond providing graphical alarm status updates. More T/Mon screen functionality has been pushed into T/Mon GFX. The GUI can even be used to view T/Mon statistics on individual devices, tracking the frequency of polls or device alarms occuring in a given period, and more. Users can even view the protocol communication taking place between the T/Mon and NetGuardians or other connected remotes. This can be particularly useful for troubleshooting your network monitoring equipment.

New T/Mon GUI is Faster Than Ever Before
The T/Mon GUI is more intuitive than ever, supporting more common windows controls. DPS engineers were also to greatly magnify the processing time, enabling GFX to keep speed with the rapid processor found in the T/Mon unit. T/Mon GFX includes built-in support for two simultaneous users with the option to add many more, allowing multiple operators to update alarm points within the system. This new version processes alarms nearly 20 times faster that it's predecessor, ensuring that you always have the most current alarms and maps in at your T/Mon GFX workstation.

Alarm and User Databases Now Embedded Directly in T/Mon
GFX automatically updates its alarm database from T/Mon, ensuring total synchronization between T/Mon and a number of GFX workstations.

The login database for GFX is also stored directly within T/Mon, greatly reducing the chance of unauthorized access. It is now very easy to remove user profiles from the T/GFX program, allowing you to remove former employees from GFX simply by removing them from the main T/Mon user database.

Core Monitoring is Handled on the Ultra-Reliable T/Mon Platform
T/Mon GFX runs on any standard Windows workstation, but all core monitoring operations are handled by the ultra-reliable T/Mon platform. When this reliability is combined with enhanced security, T/Mon users can be sure that their mission-critical alarm monitoring will perform when it's needed most.

T/Mon Monitoring System Provides the Most Advanced Features
The T/Mon monitoring platform provides you with the monitoring capabilities you absolutely must have to maximize your network uptime, and protect your revenue-generating equipment. Learn how to protect your network with the T/Mon monitoring platform, now packed with T/Mon GFX to provide you the best possible network visibility.