"Supercharge Your NOC With The New T/Mon EXP..."

T/Mon EXP expands your monitoring
envelope into deeper areas of your network...

T/Mon EXP is the latest hardware accessory to expand the overall functionality and monitoring capacity of your T/MonNOC alarm master. You can customize your T/Mon EXP unit by loading the software modules you need for your unique network. With upcoming software modules for many future applications, T/Mon EXP is highly adaptable to new monitoring challenges.

T/Mon EXP expands the monitoring capabilities of your T/Mon NOC. It's Gigabit-LAN-enabled for fast connectivity. T/Mon EXP runs on a reliable, Unix-based platform, and it protects your data with dual 160GB SATA hard drives in a RAID 1 configuration. And all this power is contained within a compact, rack-mountable 3 RU chassis.

Configuring the unit is easy from your T/Mon NOC master station. To get started, you only need to set an IP address for T/Mon EXP.

Monitor more ASCII devices with T/Mon EXP
T/Mon EXP is the newest, fastest way to increase the ASCII monitoring capabilities of your T/MonNOC or IAM. When combined with the ASCII Gateway module, T/Mon EXP expands the number of ASCII IP elements you can monitor. Use T/Mon EXP to optimize port usage by routing more TCP/IP ports to a single T/Mon port.

Store detailed alarm history in an SQL database
The next application for T/Mon EXP features SQL History. This software module logs alarm history from your T/Mon NOC into a high-speed SQL database hosted within T/Mon EXP.

This SQL database may then be accessed with:

  • Spreadsheet programs
  • Database access tools
  • ODBC-compliant tools
  • Visual Basic
  • Server-side web technology

This hardware warranty and 30-day guarantee make it easy to try T/Mon EXP
As with all DPS hardware, T/Mon EXP comes with a full 2-year hardware warranty for peace of mind. You'll avoid a surprise expense if you have a hardware failure.

And there's no risk to try T/Mon EXP out in your network for 30 days. If you aren't satisfied with it for any reason, simply return it for a refund.

NOTE: T/Mon EXP works in conjunction with a T/Mon NOC or IAM alarm management platform

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