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Set up Scheduled Automatic Reports with T/Mon

Reports are a vital piece of alarm monitoring. They allow you to trend and analyze data and identifying problems before they fry your equipment.

For some industries, reports are even a requirement. You may need to submit them to prove compliance with regulations or to get project funding.

TMon Scheduled Alarm Report
With T/Mon, you can now automate regular report generation. Have scheduled reports generated automatically and emailed to you or your team.

Even if you aren't required to regularly run reports, it's a great best practice to have. Reports act as a snapshot of what your alarms looked like on that day. Running a report regularly will help you get to know your network and alarms, making it easier to spot troubling patterns before they cause damage or outages. Imagine how you might notice that your alarm count is up by 50% this week. What's wrong? What changed?

But you can't trust yourself to manually run reports on a regular schedule. We're all busy. You might not remember to run the report it all. You might remember that you need to run the report but forget which options to select.If you aren't consistent, it can throw off data and you might miss something crucial.

If reports are a regular part of your monitoring efforts, automation is a great way to make sure they are done consistently and on a regular basis.

TMon Scheduled Alarm Report Email
Example of a T/Mon scheduled report email

Imagine if your Master Station could automatically run reports for you and then email the data to you and your team.

With the T/Mon Master Station from DPS Telecom, you can now schedule regular reports to be auto-generated. No longer do you have to configure the settings each time you need to run the same report. And if you're prone to forgetting the report all together, T/Mon never will. T/Mon will generate the report at the specified time and send it to the pre-configured email addresses.

The report includes all standing and COS alarms (or a subset of your choice) in T/Mon at the time the report gets generated. You can also run history reports.

Automated reports can be sent to the emails/schedules you may have already set up in T/Mon for alarm notifications. Plus, it's simple to set up. Using the web interface of your T/Mon, all you need to do is click "enable" in your notifications, select a profile, and choose when you want the report to run.

Never before has it been so simple to generate regular reports with your alarm master. Want more information on this feature? Call DPS at 1-559-454-1600 for your free quote today.