T/Mon Web GFX: View Your Alarms On Maps And Rack Images

The next evolution of T/Mon GFX is here. GFX has been integrated directly into the T/Mon web interface. This makes GFX faster, smoother, and better than ever.

With the new Web GFX, you can:

  • See alarms visually on layered geographic maps.
  • View down from regions, to cities, to sites, to photographs of individual equipment racks.
  • Get real-time alarms without having to sync databases.
  • Support multiple simultaneous users.
The new GFX is accessed through the T/Mon web interface.

Now there's no need to install CDs or software. GFX updates with the rest of your web interface, so you'll always have the most up-to-date version when you log in.

Use Edit mode to make changes to your configuration, right in your web browser. No need to sync databases, software versions, or map changes. T/Mon's web interface even allows you to set user permissions for GFX, just as you would with other interface options.

Monitor mode allows you to see your maps in a dynamic interface. It allows you to view alarms visually on layered geographic maps. This multiple-layer support enables your staff to drill down from regions, to cities, to sites, to photographs of individual equipment racks. This provides a "war room" view of your alarms right down to the network devices themselves, rapidly accelerating repair operations.

Video Demo

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