Video Demo: T/Mon Map & Smartphone Interfaces...

Hello, this is Andrew from DPS TV.

If you've been watching my videos during the last few months, you know that I've covered a lot of RTUs and other remote devices.

Today, I want to show you T/Mon, the central alarm master that takes alarms from your DPS remotes, SNMP devices, and lots of other mission-critical gear - and displays them all under one monitoring umbrella. Alarm masters like T/Mon are very complex, so I can't possibly cover every detail in the next few minutes. What I will do is show you real video captures of two handy interfaces, then give you a quick hardware and capabilities overview. Let's get started.

[T/Mon GFX map interface demonstration] (watch video to view)

[Smartphone interface demonstration] (watch video to view)

T/Mon LNX is the newest hardware platform for T/Mon software. The front panel is clean, with an optical drive, and LCD display, and some control buttons.

The back panel has a lot of inputs and outputs. For direct input and output, there are mouse, keyboard, and monitor ports. For remote access via LAN, and especially for polling LAN devices, T/Mon LNX has 6 Gigabit LAN ports, allowing it to establish independent connections to 6 different networks simultaneously. This enhances security by allowing you to monitor equipment on multiple networks without routing traffic between them. Also on the back panel are 16 slots for serial interface cards. You'll select different quantities and varieties of these cards to monitor non-LAN devices with interfaces like RS232, RS485, 202 modem, and POTS modem. Over 25 protocols are supported.

T/Mon LNX can monitor thousands of devices and up to 1 million alarm points, so you have a lot of room to grow. At the same time, it's priced far below the mega-dollar SNMP managers that only the world's biggest companies can possibly justify.

Once alarms have been collected, you have the option to forward them to a higher-level master via SNMP or several other protocols. Many of the world's largest companies have several T/Mon's collecting alarms from non-SNMP gear and forwarding them via SNMP to a top-level SNMP manager.

As you can see, T/Mon brings alarms from many types of gear - including legacy equipment - under one monitoring umbrella. Then, multiple users can view and acknowledge alarms on a map or on their smartphones. You can also forward alarms to a higher-level NOC center.

For more information about the T/Mon alarm management platform, call 1-800-693-0351 or send email to You can also use the quick online form at the bottom of this web page to send Mac Smith a quick message.

For DPS TV, this is Andrew signing off.

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