Monitor ASCII and SNMP Devices with Redundant T/Mon SLIM Masters

Monitor ASCII and SNMP Devices with Redundant T/Mon SLIM Masters
Monitor ASCII and SNMP Devices with Redundant T/Mon SLIM Masters

Equipment Used:

How This Application Works:

T/Mon NRI Synchronization Software

The T/Mon NRI Synchronization Software Module will be used to synchronize databasing between the T/Mon system in a redundant HOT standby application. This software will allow the two systems to communicate over LAN so that the secondary system will have current status of standing alarms and COS's as the primary master processes them. In the event of a primary failure, the secondary will assume monitoring responsibility and will present to the user current alarm information. Please note: the synchronization requires 1 software module on each of the T/Mon SLIM system.

The T/Mon SLIM offers advanced alarm monitoring in 1RU form factor. The T/Mon SLIM allows you to consolidate alarms from multiple remote sites into a single platform then share that alarm information with up to five users simultaneously using its built-in Web Browser interface or T/Windows remote access software.

The T/Mon SLIM will keep your technicians apprised of any threats to the health of your network with automatic alarm notification to their pager, e-mail and SMS messaging device. Technicians from the field they can inturn remotely access and acknowledge alarms via Web browser or T/Windows remote access software. In addition, The SLIM allows users to maintain alarm history logs and analyze past alarms to identify network weak spots and anticipate future problems. Use Derived Alarms to track complex network problems by correlating different alarm events. You can also use derived controls to program flexible automatic corrections for network problems.

The T/Mon SLIM is 1 RU unit that fits into any 19" or 23" rack, in any telco environment. Dual -48 VDC power inputs allow T/Mon SLIM to be powered from the same battery power as the rest of your equipment - and give you a backup power supply in case of primary power failure.

The T/Mon SLIM monitors up to 64 network devices and up to 10,000 points. It can monitor DPS Telecom remotes, including the full-featured NetGuardian G4 and the lightcapacity NetGuardian 216. With the included software, the T/Mon SLIM will also monitor IP based equipment that output SNMP or any telecom equipment that outputs ASCII text or TL1.

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