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"How to Install the T/Mon MySQL Agent..."

Install MySQL

Unable to Install MySQL for T/Mon Agent?

Platform: T/Mon SQL Agent.

T/Mon SQL software module allows you to integrate multiple T/Mon alarm data history files into a single advanced SQL database. You can store millions of alarm events into a single SQL database.

This techno knowledge paper can help you if:

  • You are attempting to Install MySQL for T/Mon SQL Agent.

Quick Reference Chart

MySQL Quick Reference
(for more details, review the troubleshooting checklist below.)

Troubleshooting Checklist

  • Download or copy the MySQL installation file onto your desktop.
  • Double-click the icon for MySQL installation file.
  • Click 'Next' on the MySQL installation wizard welcome screen.
    MySQL Installation
  • Select 'Typical' installation.
  • Use the Default Path.
  • Click on Install.
  • Click on 'Finish' after Installation.
  • Now, it's time to configure MySQL Server instance. Begin by selecting the 'Detailed Configuration' option.
    MySQL Installation
  • Select 'Developer Machine'.
  • Select 'Multifunctional Database'.
  • Select drive 'C:' and 'Installation Path' directory for InnoDB Tablespaces setting.
    MySQL Installation
  • Select 'Decision Support (DSS) OLAP'.
  • Select 'Enable TCP/IP Networking' and de-select 'Enable Strict Mode'.
    MySQL Installation
  • Select 'Standard Character Set'.
  • Select 'Install as Windows Service'.
  • Enter and confirm your Password.
  • Select 'Enable root access from remote machines'.
    MySQL Installation
  • Click on 'Execute' to start configuration.
  • Click on 'Finish' to close Wizard after configuration is complete.
    Basic installation should now be complete.
  • Open up your MySQL command prompt:
    • Click on 'Start' icon.
    • Select 'Programs'.
    • Select 'Files'.
    • Select 'MySQL'.
    • Select 'MySQL Server 5.0'.
    • Select 'MySQL Command Line Client.
  • Type your Password: root.
  • Change the format of your password to root:
    • Type use mysql and press 'Enter'.
  • Type select user, host from user; and press 'Enter'.
    • You should see a box like the one shown below that displays the passwords that are set for the remote password as well as the local (localhost) password.
  • To set the password to the correct format, type the password found in the box and use that in the command below:
    Type set password for 'root'@'%'=old_password('root'); and press 'Enter'.
    SQL Command Line
  • The entire sequence should look very similar to the picture below:
    SQL Command Line
  • Install T/Mon SQL Agent.
    • Go to DPS website (www.dpstele.com).
    • Click on Support on bottom left hand corner.
      Where to find support button
    • Log into Support account.
    • Go to Firmware/Software downloads.
    • Select T/Mon SQL Agent.
    • Select version 1.02.0000.
    • Save to desktop.
    • Unzip both T/Mon SQL agent and MyODBC.
    • Double click MyODBC installation.
    • You should see "Welcome to MyODBC" page as shown below:
      MySQL Connector/OBDC installation
    • Click 'Next'.
    • Click 'Next' to agree to the terms.
    • Click 'Next' the read me statement.
    • Click 'Next' to start installation.
    • Click 'Next' to finish OBDC installation.
  • Install T/Mon SQL Agent.
  • Click on 'Installation Program'.
  • Click 'Next' for InstallShield Wizard.
    T/Mon MySQL Agent installation
  • Select 'I accept the terms to the license agreement'.
  • Click 'Next'.
  • Fill in customer information.
  • Select 'Typical Installation'.
  • Click on 'Next'.
  • Click on 'Install'.
  • Click on 'Finish'.
  • Create database on machine running MySQL.
    • Launch MySQL administrative tool (Navicat).
    • Click on 'Start' icon.
    • Select 'Programs'.
    • Select 'Administrative Tool' (Premium Navicat).
    • Go to 'File' > 'New Connection'.
    • Fill in the Name, IP information and Password of the machine that will be running MySQL.
    • Click 'OK' for Test Connection.
      Connection Successful
    • Go to 'Connection' box.
    • Click on the server that you defined in the previous step.
    • Right click this server connection and select new database.
    • Fill in the database name you will be using (for example tmon2_data).
      create new database
    • Click on database name in connections box (tmon2_data) to view database history.
    • Setup the T/Mon for an SQL job and setup the DPS SQL Agent.
    • Launch DPS SQL Agent to see connection status for the T/Mon and database.
      T/Mon SQL Agent

If you experience any problems installing MySQL for T/Mon SQL Agent, please contact DPS Telecom Tech Support at 1-800-693-0351.