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FarScan™ and Support Availability

by Mac Smith

FarScan was a cutting-edge network supervision system. It was designed to make monitoring remote sites on a Windows computer system easy. The program was organized so that a menu-driven interface would allow a user to perform a variety of tasks that are key to maintaining a communications network. Some of these duties could be as simple as viewing or polling the actions of various alarms and devices. It could also be signaling activities at a remote site from within the NOC. Or even permitting technicians to poll site activities from anywhere within the network in order to maintain a better eye on the networking actions.

With the advent of new tech and the ever changing face of the network-monitoring industry, support for this program originally was controlled by Harris Corporation. Control of the Microwave Communications Division was turned over to Aviat Networks. The usage of FarScan began to see a slip in numbers. More and more companies were looking for non-proprietary solutions to their networking needs. A program designed to work with one line of devices was not receiving as much support.

For many, the initial costs coupled with the still-functioning Legacy gear at many sites does not warrant a full network renovation. Costs to research solutions, install gear, and re-train technicians on a whole new system can be an large expense. It leaves many with an aging array of devices that may not be working at their full potential.

For the few firms that still recognize that FarScan is a solution that many people in the industry still rely on, this lack of support will not do.

While attempting to research options, people may find that FarScan is no longer available. In 2005 though, "New technologies allow for FarScan to be distributed on 3.5" floppy diskettes".

If your interest in maintaining a secure and reliable network involves FarScan gear or programs, then be sure to contact one of the companies that are dedicated to providing the best solutions to their clients. Avoid the pit-falls of those that only offer proprietary support and devices.

FarScan Network Management Software

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